Nelson Steel

Steel . . . It’s our middle name.

Nelson Steel Products. It's a name that gives people a good idea of what you're about-what you know and what you do well. It's also a name that raises people's expectations.

In the 1940s most of the work was welding repairs for local farmers. They came with broken parts, but they left with solutions and high hopes. As business grew, so did a reputation for honesty, integrity and fairness. So while our company was making old parts like new, it was also building trust and forging connections that are still strong.

What began as welding repair shop has become one of the Midwest's premier steel fabrication facilities. Today, Nelson Steel Products offers a complete range of steel fabrication capabilities, including robotic welding and laser cutting. After decades of proving the value of doing the right thing, Nelson has earned a reputation for integrity, and it's as strong and uncompromising as the steel we fashion.