• An Overview of MIG Welding from Nelson Steel Products

    Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), also known as MIG welding, uses a solid electrode that is fed continuously while gas is shielded from an external source. Electrical power melts the electrode and deposits the melted material into the weld joint. The welding equipment regulates the electrical features of the arc automatically. In fact, the welder only manually controls the travel speed and direction, and torch positioning. The preselected arc length, or voltage, is maintained when the equipment settings are correct, so the power supply is providing the right amperage to melt the electrode at the proper rate.

  • An Overview of Press Brake Forming and Bending from Nelson Steel Products

    Nelson Steel Products' expert steel fabrication capabilities are on full display when it comes to press brake forming and bending and can configure metals into precisely formed components. There is no greater indication of a steel fabrication company’s skills than their press brake and forming abilities.

  • An Overview of TIG Welding from Nelson Steel Products

    Tungsten Inert Gas welding, more commonly referred to by its acronym TIG, uses a tungsten electrode that heats the metal being used during the welding process. A gas, such as argon, is used to avoid contamination while you’re welding no matter the metal material being used or its thickness. More versatile than other welding methods, TIG welding can be used with a wider range of metals than other types of welding. TIG welding is known for appearing clean and its precision which leaves the weld looking great. TIG welding allows for the welder to control the heat by use of a foot pedal creating more control. What’s more, TIG welding will not create fumes, sparks, or fumes that sometimes occur with other welding methods.

  • Experienced Steel Fabrication from Nelson Steel Products

    At Nelson Steel Products, we are leaders in steel fabrication. Over the years we have produced just about every product made from steel, regardless of what manufacturing sector the item was designed for. We recognize that steel will likely always be a necessary starting point In material fabrication because of its many desirable qualities, most notable its durability. This means that we are constantly searching for the most innovative technology and solutions to our customer’s problems. Through savvy investments we have built an impressive facility which houses the latest equipment necessary for steel fabrication.

  • Laser Cutting Services from Nelson Steel Products

    As our name suggests, we are experts at all products and processes relating to steel. Often times this means staying up on the latest trends and technologies in the industry. One technological advance that has come along in recent years is laser cutting, a process in which a focused beam of high energy laser is employed to cut materials.

  • Punch Presses, Turrett Punch Presses, and Stamping Presses for Steel Fabrication

    Punch presses, turret punch presses, and stamping presses are all important parts of Nelson Steel’s complete steel fabrication catalog. Punch presses, turret punch presses along with several tools, and stamping presses are all important pieces of equipment for a steel fabricator.

  • Robotic Welding from Nelson Steel Products

    Robotic welding, as you might expect from its name, is a process in which robots are used to handle the part and the weld. This technology, though fairly recent, is already an integral part of the manufacturing industry, especially in the automotive sector where spot and arc welding are integral to the manufacturing process.

  • Stainless Steel Fabrication from Nelson Steel Products

    At Nelson Steel Products, were are have years of experience in stainless steel fabrication. We use the most state-of-the art equipment to ensure the highest quality work with a fast turn-around.

  • Steel Fabrication Capabilities and More from Nelson Steel Products

    Steel Fabrication

    In its simplest form, steel fabrication is the transformation of raw material. In this case, it’s various kinds of steel into machines, components, structures, and other equipment. What begins as raw steel emerges as finished goods. Some are complete in and of themselves while others are destined to be building components or parts for other more complicated structures or machines.

  • Three Reasons You Should Choose Nelson Steel Products for Your Steel Fabrication Needs


    Nelson Steel Products has a high level of experience in laser cutting, welding, steel fabrication, and steel fabrication. In fact, our management team has over a century of combined experience in the steel fabrication industry and our employees average almost 15 years on the job with our supervisors having been with us for a long time, as well.