Machining Capabilities

MachiningPrecision CNC machining means to-spec compliance on every part, every time.

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  • Tooling Maintenance
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Reaming
  • Boring

Machining is one of the oldest and most important manufacturing processes. It refers to the removal of material from a work piece by any of several methods. These include drilling, turning, milling and grinding. Machining plays a role in the manufacture of almost every metal part. The requirements for particular finishes on a part or the need to meet tight dimensional tolerances make machining necessary. Although less expensive and time-consuming in set up than other fabricating processes, machining can be expensive for high volumes.

When it comes to Nelson Steel Products, the news is not that the company performs all of the fundamental machining processes but that sophisticated CNC machining is the order of the day. Numeric control (NC) is the automation of machine tools through the use of programmed commands which are encoded on a storage device. This replaces control by means of manual operation of hand wheels, levers or mechanically driven cams. In the earliest NC machines of the 1940s and 50s, commands were transmitted via cumbersome paper tapes. With the advent of the computer came advanced computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools that have reshaped the entire machining process.

As prices and sizes of computers fell, the real benefits of CNC machining became dramatically clear. CNC machining made the complex task as easy as the simple one. Automated CNC machining also scaled back human involvement and freed up time for other tasks. It reduced errors and increased flexibility and consistency. Today, any operation that can be described as a series of movements and operations is a candidate for CNC.

Automating basic machining functions is yet another example of Nelson Steel's understanding that future success will belong to those wise enough to embrace technology and use it as a guide for refining and reinventing its role in the marketplace as needs and competition change. Nelson Steel knows that technology is a tool of the wise to get to the future first.