Steel Fabrication

small pressFor years, Nelson Steel Products' slogan was "If it's made of steel, we'll make it." Nelson is your single source for complete steel fabrication, sheet metal fabrication and tube fabrication.

  • Types of Steel
    • Stainless
    • Carbon
    • Aluminum
    • Galvanized
  • Gauge range: 24-gauge to 5/8"

If you're searching for excellence in steel fabrication, robotic welding and laser cutting, look no further than Nelson Steel Products. There is simply no substitute for experience. In fact, experience, insights and intuition are the keys to helping customers solve problems, improve designs and reduce costs. It's impossible to troubleshoot in a business without knowing the business deeply-its possibilities and nuances. Deep experience in sheet metal fabrication, finishing, robotic welding and laser cutting is why Nelson Steel can be a problem-solving partner-not just a vendor who takes orders.

In its simplest form, steel fabrication is the transformation of raw material-in this case, various kinds of steel-into machines, components, structures and other equipment. What begins as raw steel emerges as finished goods. Some are complete in and of themselves. Others are destined to be building components or parts for other more complicated structures or machines.

What happens between the beginning (raw steel) and the end (finished goods) is steel fabrication-the value-added transformation that occurs as the result of forming, cutting, shaping and assembling. Clearly, steel is a commodity-the common denominator that is the starting point for countless fabricators and machine shops. The tools with which sheet metal and tube fabrication processes are accomplished are also more or less standard. So if all steel fabrication suppliers start with the same material and use the same tools to perform standard procedures, they all should produce similar results, right? Wrong.

For starters, technology is a huge factor. A steel fabricator hobbled with limited or outdated equipment is handicapped from the start. It is certainly no secret that, in virtually every field, technology is the price leaders pay for staying in front. Nelson Steel Products has always invested heavily in new and emerging technologies-robotic welding and laser cutting technologies, for example. Smart, savvy investment spending in equipment, facilities and people is why Nelson Steel keeps leading when so many others are barely keeping up.

Other huge variables that determine final quality are talent, attention to detail, experience, a problem-solving attitude and a flexibility to become what customers need instead of remaining within the short-sighted confines of a traditional comfort zone. Nelson Steel Products understood this from the beginning, and it's the foundation of its leadership today. After decades of proving the value of doing the right thing, Nelson Steel has earned a reputation for integrity, and it's as strong and uncompromising as the steel it fashions.