Testimonials: The words that matter most.

Turret DiesSure, Nelson Steel Products could talk about complete steel fabrication, advanced robotic welding and the latest in laser cutting technology. But the words about these capabilities that really count-the ones that matter most if you're looking for a trusted partner-are the ones from satisfied customers. These are the people who have already learned that Nelson's integrity is as strong as our product.

I have had the privilege of working with Nelson Steel for the last 13 years. Over that time what have impressed me are their people and their integrity and willingness to stand behind their work/product. As everyone works toward the Just-In-Time philosophy, it is rare to find one manufacturing facility that can or is willing to do it all. There are manufacturing facilities that specialize in tube bending or welding or sheet metal work, but rarely do you find the company that can or is willing to do it all. From one of a kind to hundreds of the same part, from laser work, tube bending, hand welding or robotic welding, sheet metal work or stamping-they can do it. Not to mention that they can manufacture a range of materials-CRS, HRS, aluminum, stainless steel and custom finishes to complete the package. When so many companies have one niche, it is nice to find a company whose niche is to do it all. In Nelson we have found a partner who has the talent and expertise to manufacture all of our needs.


What really counts in today's environment with everyone doing more with less is being able to trust a supplier who says they will make it happen--
being able to count on them to make the impossible happen to help land that important job. And if an issue does arise, knowing you can count on them to make it right and make it right quickly. Trust and reliability. If you seek those in a supplier, look no further than Nelson Steel.