Tube Bending

TubesPrecise tube bending and pipe bending capability mean more options for specialized fabrication tasks.

  • CNC
  • As large as 3" OD x .095 thickness

The obvious challenge in bending tube and pipe is . . . the kink. Yet we are surrounded by countless examples of these materials that have been expertly bent-shaped into the beautiful and functional designs so common in everything from park benches and hand rails, to construction components and modern roller coaster rails.

Today steel fabricators employ several methods of tube and pipe bending to create countless products and parts. Tube bending and pipe bending are generally thought of in terms of round stock. Square and rectangular tubes and pipes may also be bent, but they require special consideration. However, regardless of the shape of the tube or pipe, a variety of factors such as wall thickness, size, tooling and lubricants influence the bending process.