Value Added Capabilities

Faro ArmPrototype machining and prototype engineering lead a full complement of value-added capabilities.

  • Prototyping
    • Engineering assistance
    • Design assistance
    • Cost-saving ideas
  • Quality Control
    • Faro Arm-CMM
    • Barcoding capable
    • Height gages
    • Measuring devices
    • ISO certified
  • Value Added
    • Custom packaging
    • Direct Shipping
    • Assembly
    • Outsourced painting/plating/coatings/heat treating

Since the beginning in 1945, customers have always depended on Nelson Steel for solutions, not merely service. Be it prototype machining or full-scale prototype development, the willingness to help customers solve problems explains why the company has enjoyed growth and expansion into more and more markets.

In one case it might be a part that doesn't work-that needs the refinement only trained eyes and tempered experience can provide. In another, it may be a rough concept looking for a way to become reality. In this case, Nelson Steel's prototype engineering skill can save the day.

AssemblyWhether it is recognizing that a square tube is a better choice for a product than a round one, refining a design to tighten tolerances or reconfiguring a product to eliminate vibration, fresh thinking and leading-edge capabilities are why Nelson is a name everyone remembers.

Nelson Steel Products has always been more than the sum of its people and equipment. There's an attitude at work here that impossible to miss but hard to quantify. It is rooted in the devotion to doing the right thing. In the early days of the company, folks remembered that here were people willing to listen. Neighbors willing to make customers' problems their own. They liked that. They especially liked that they were honest, worked hard and were fair. Now, decades later, that reputation for integrity and adding value instead of merely subtracting profit, is the strongest force driving the company.